Our Business Philosophy

This is a personal statement by the owner/director of Double Cee Pty Ltd, trading as Master Window Cleaners/

Our philosophy at Master Window Cleaners is simply to provide a high quality service to people who have to have, or just want clean windows!

These may be;

  • Time poor people/couples.  Time management is premier these days! Busy people don’t want to spend 5 hours cleaning their windows on the weekend when we can do a far better resulting job in half the time.  Your children deserve quality time, huh?
  • People moving out of rentals.  Those dastardly property managers expect windows, flyscreens and tracks so clean, you could eat your dinner from them!  A quick wipe-over doesn’t cut it any more – not if you want to get your bond back!  See our special for rentals here.
  • Not so agile people. Remember Molly when he got up onto his roof?  Say no more!
  • House proud people.  What’s wrong with wanting to look out of clean windows.  It can really brighten up your day!
  • People selling their house.  One thing all real estate salespeople will all agree, is that clean windows make your house look cleaner, brighter, larger.


Master Window Cleaners do not do things by halves.  We carry $20mil public liability insurance & $50mil workers compensation insurance.  We are also certified by CM3 for our safety practices.  CM3 is one of the most thorough and respected contractor management companies in Australia.  See our accreditations here.
This goes for the other services that Master Window Cleaners provides.
Think that cleaning your flyscreens should be a free service?  It’s only free when they spend so little time on them!  To clean a flyscreen properly, they need to use a high pressure washer!
Think that cleaning the tracks should be included?  Sure, if all you’re going to do, is move the dirt from side to side!

Master Window Cleaners do use high pressure washers for flyscreens! We do use a “Flush & Extract” machine for tracks.  These machines cost money to buy and time to use effectively, therefore MWC does charge for these services!  Do you want a cheap job…. NO, you want a good job!


C Brett Curtis
Master Window Cleaners