Solar Panels

With all this talk lately about Solar panel cleaning, Master Window Cleaners have been cleaning solar panels for years now!  Cockburn Cement chose Master Window Cleaners for residents affected by their chimney stacks.  These were some of the worst affected panels in the state.  If MWC can clean these, we can clean any!

Costs are $120.00 for the typical twin panel Solar hot water system.  For banks of electricity producing panels, add $10.00 per panel.*
* These prices apply to single storey buildings.  Speak to or email us for other heights.

Increase your solar output by up to 30%

Save more!!  Get a 20% discount on the cost of your solar panel cleaning if it’s done at the same time as your “Whole House” window cleaning.  Save 10% if you get your Outside windows done at the same time.

Top  Reasons for Window Cleaners to clean your solar panels

  1. Panels must be clean and free of debris so that they can produce as much energy as possible.
  2. Window cleaners are already great at keeping glass spotless.
  3. Most homeowners do not want to climb up on their roofs to clean panels.
  4. According to experts, energy prices are surging by at least 30% making the energy produced by panels even more valuable.