In only our 3rd month on the referral webside “Word of Mouth Online“, Master Window Cleaners has been awarded a Service Award!


This award is only made to the top 5% by referrals posted.  Thanks to all our clients who have posted their review of our service.

I don’t advertise much because most referral sites are just paid ads. are a little different as they do check the referrals, so you can’t add a lot of glowing referals from yourself, lol…Would people do that…..NO,   well maybe?

Actually, whilst I love the 5 star referrals, I don’t mind constructive criticism at all.  Occasionally, I’ll have a tech who is not quite up to my standard.  After humming and Ha’ing I may let them go, and then I’ll get a few clients who’ll say, “Oh, I’m glad he’s not with you any more….”  Well, I needed to hear from you immediately after you received that “Less than expected service!”

I gotta stamp out “Less than expected service”!!!  Ain’t gunna happen in MY business!!!  No reason for it to happen cos we receive 100% of the $$$ charged, you should receive 100% of the service promised.  A lot of techs are 100% when I’m around, so it’s hard for me to know about any problems with a tech.  So, I’ve got to have feedback.

Number 1 priority is that you contact me if there is any problem.  You all have my email address.  I’d appreciate the heads up.  Keeping in mind, no-one is perfect.  If we were perfect we’d be weather forecasters, Haha


So, please take a moment to add a review.
(Did you ever have a great mechanic and you told all your friends, then , all of a sudden, he couldn’t fit you in?  or the quality decreased cos he was so busy?  Well, I promise that won’t happen in Master Window Cleaners.  I’ve seen it happen to some guys who got really big, really quick.  2, I know of, had mental breakdowns!   I expand my business slowly.  Keeping control of the quality is the paramount rule)
If I get good reviews and get bigger, I invest in providing a better service!  That’s a better service, to all my clients… existing and potential!

Brett Curtis
Master Window Cleaners


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