Flyscreen Cleaning

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Master Window Cleaners have found that flyscreens can be effectively cleaned only one way!

High pressure washing will remove about 95% of the dirt and dust.

Therefore, that’s how we clean flyscreens!  Washing and/or brushing screens can leave them looking the same as before they were cleaned.

There are proviso’s tho’

  • It will not remove all visible dirt!
  • It is not as effective if the screens are not removable from the frame.
  • Security screen mesh will impede results (Amplimesh etc)
  • Some aluminium netting may look the same, if the coating has worn off the netting, after the clean.
  • Although all care is taken, some screens may have deteriorated to a state where they virtually fall apart when cleaned.  Although MWC techs are well versed in removing screens properly, MWC is not responsible for any damage.

Cleaning cost is $8.00 per screen.
$2.00 extra, per screen, for internal screens
$2.00 extra, per screen, for screen doors.


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