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Master Window Cleaners has 35 years experience in cleaning residential homes around Perth.
We have cleaned homes sized from the smallest units through to the largest mansions. All with the utmost care !
Just tell us what your needs are and leave it to us.

Rest assured, Master Window Cleaners carry $20 mil Public Liability Insurance ….not because we need it, but for your peace of mind.  Low priced window cleaners often will not carry insurance to keep their prices low.  But remember that if that uninsured window cleaner has an accident on your property, he may sue YOU for loss of income and/or medical expenses!

Furniture Protection:
Drop sheets and towels are used everywhere inside and also outside to protect your furniture.

Master Window Cleaners is generally owner operated although some staff are employed. These staff members are trained or re-trained to our high standards of reliability, care and efficiency.

Police Clearances:
Owner and staff all have State and in some cases Federal Police Clearances.

If a cheap job is what you’re after, then keep looking. We price to ensure we do a “Darn Good Job!” and we’re still around next time you need us!

Remember “Quality, Reliability or low price” … Pick two …. You never get all three!  Or, not for long.

Difficult Jobs:
Master Window Cleaners are masters of difficult jobs. Whether you have masses of colonial windows, like the house above, need ladders or just have “pain in the glass” windows. We can do it!

Regular Clients:
Regular clients are highly valued by Master Window Cleaners! We’ll bend over backwards to ensure you get the best price and best job when you want it. We endeavour to ensure you get priority at Christmas time by pre-booking the entire year at your desired regularity so you know when we’re coming and you know you’ll have your windows clean for Christmas. Need to change a booking…no problem. Just call and we’ll find a spot more convenient.

Rain Guarantee:
Our unique 7 day rain guarantee for regular, pre-booked clients states that “If your windows get dirtied by rain within 7 days of our service date – we’ll come and clean the affected ones again – FREE.”  Click Here for details.

  • Holder of $20 mil Public Liability Insurance
  • All staff Police cleared
  • Founding President of the Australian Window Cleaners Association
  • WA Rep for the Australian Window Cleaners Federation

Call today on Free-call 1800 777 212
for a no-obligation free quote

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